Scintilla Foundation

The Scintilla Foundation

envisions a world in which people live in harmony with the planet; calling forth personal integrity and collective creative response through inspirational leadership, balanced ecosystems, preservation of biodiversity, and cultural diversity- all the while holding a place for future generations through our heartfelt, philanthropic actions. 

With a focus on domestic grants, we employ an invitation-only grant-making process focusing on movement building, transformative leadership and courageous storytelling.  We intend to promote cross-fertilization between our program areas, emphasizing networking to strengthen our connections and build partnerships.



In order to create a more sustainable future, we support organizations and initiatives that are addressing the global threats of climate change, water rights, and environmental degradation with an emphasis on protecting marine life.

Reproductive Rights and Justice
Through policy change, legal advocacy and grassroots activism, we support organizations that place reproductive rights and justice front and center of our mission.

Campaign Finance Reform
We are invested in dismantling our current policies and politics to change the way that money plays a role in our campaign finance system in order to bring a more equitable and transparent democracy to our nation.

Peace & Security
With an emphasis on female leadership, we promote policymaking, economic justice and peace initiatives that create a more equitable, inclusive and humane world, where feminist perspectives are honored.

The Arts
We support visual, literary & performing arts as tools for social change. By employing alternative platforms, we engage in a variety of avenues to meet the challenges of global awareness.

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